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Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Services For Personal Injury Attorneys

Services For Personal Injury Attorneys

We are seasoned veterans in paralegal assistance who understand the distinctive needs of the tort litigation. We have a comprehensive background experience preparing discovery requests, gathering and reviewing medical records, and keeping the different cases organized. Here are some of the specific assistance we can offer you for the Tort Litigation including, but not limited to:

  • Discovery document collection and organization, including the ordering of medical records and police reports 

  • Review and summary of medical records, bills, and PIP summaries/benefits

  •  Client communications 

  • Drafting pleadings, including complaints, answers, and motions

  •  Preparing filings and exhibits

  •  Preparing demand packages 

  • Review and analysis of insurance policies and declaration pages 

  •  Legal research 

  •  Coordination with insurance companies, including filing claims and general communications 

  • Case management and calendaring 

  • Preparing correspondence 

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