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Real Estate

Real Estate

Services For Real Estate Attorneys

Services For Real Estate Attorneys

In legal real estate services, it's undeniable that the market is saturated and highly competitive. With this pressure, you may need cost-effective solutions to support you with your clients in dealing and closing real estate transactions.


We can provide you that solution, from the preparation of leases and purchase agreements to commercial and residential real estate closings. We see that our month-to-month plans allow you to increase your productivity and
prioritize cases with ease including, but not limited to:

  • Drafting closing packages for real estate transactions 

  • Acquiring mortgage payoffs, estoppel letters, and other documents and closing costs from third-party sources 

  • Preparing and processing documentation relating to real estate transactions, including Settlement Statements, deeds, affidavits, and disclosures 

  • Communicating with clients, buyers, and sellers 

  • Assisting with post-closing procedures, including disbursements, recording, and filing closing documents 

  • Arranging with title companies and escrow agents 

  • Coordinating with mortgage loan officers, processors, and closers 

  •  Preparing lease agreements for commercial and residential leases

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